Lothario Leo

Leonardo DiCaprio is a name that makes us all feel some type of way. To be precise, a type of way that can only be matched by dozens of doughnuts surrounded by kittens and dancing fairies – or is that just me?

Despite being one of the most eligible bachelors in all the land, it strikes me as odd that this now 41-year-old hugely talented star is still acting as though he is half his age. A recent rumour emerged that he has slept with over two thousand models *spits out latte all over self *. Which although sounds completely undoable (clearly unlike the models), given all the yacht and after party pics of him surrounded by scantily clad girls, you can’t help but ponder the fact that he might just be that slutty.

Leo has ex-girlfriends that many men would envy, and if we’re honest, many women would too. His on-screen loves alone are enough to make anyone fall in love with the idea of being with this sharply dressed superstar, non more so then his self-proclaimed BFF Kate Winslet, who let’s be honest, we all want to be just a little bit. So why is it that lovely Leo can’t find a long-term girl for real?

My theory for this is simple (and brilliant, obvs). Leo has waited twenty years for an Oscar after first being nominated in 1996. His brain therefore must have paused itself in that moment when he was a mere 21-years-old, and held him in that boyish frame of mind for the past twenty years – told you it was brilliant. Ok so that might not be the exact reason, after all I’m sure most 41-year-old men would jump at the chance to spend some quiet time with Leo’s lady friends. But hopefully now after his win, this titanically talented star (see what I did there?) can finally act his age and settle down, needless to say hopefully with me.


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