High jacking an Instagram trend, here is a flashback to a piece I wrote two years ago to go along with photos of my friend and her lovely horse, Bob. The style is slightly different as it is aimed at children so thought I’d share it as it’s slightly different to my usual posts.


We all love ponies! But what is it like to own your own horse? We decided to investigate by following Lucy and her horse Bob around for the day to see what they got up to. We all know how fun ponies are, but there are a lot of jobs involved in looking after one. Remember, a pony is for life, not just for Christmas!

First things first, we have to go and get Bob from the field. We have to be careful though because it’s very muddy! Bob is wearing a special coat called a ‘rug’. This makes sure he’s warm and dry whenever it’s cold outside. He also has a special one for when he’s in his stable at night to keep him cosy, like your duvet at home.

With all that time in the field, Bob needs a good groom to clean him up. Grooming your horse is important because it gives you a chance to look them over, and make sure they haven’t got any injuries anywhere on their bodies. It also keeps his coat nice and glossy and shows off his heart shape clip on his bottom!

Now it’s time to tack up Bob and get him ready to be ridden. We have to put what’s called a ‘bridle’ on his head. This is what his reins are attached to so Lucy can control which way he goes when she rides him. We also have to put a ‘saddle’ on him, making sure what’s called the ‘girth’ underneath is nice and tight to keep it on and to keep Bob nice and comfy.

Now we have to make sure we’re wearing the right gear. Riding boots give you a good grip when riding your horse and help to keep your legs in the right position. We must also make sure to always wear a hat so if we fall off, we don’t hurt ourselves too badly! Lucy also closes to wear what’s called a ‘body protector’ to keep her extra safe when riding as this protects her even more. She trots Bob around the arena to give him the exercise that he needs, its super fun too!

Now for the best bit, mucking out! Lucy has to do this every day to make sure Bob has a nice, clean bed to sleep in. Then all is left to do is make sure Bob is nice and calm before we give him his food and make sure he has enough water. It’s been a long day but it’s all worth it when you get to own such a clever, friendly animal! We love you Bob!


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