Red Velvet Chair

grand theatre

Here is a piece I wrote for a module at university, the assignment was to write about a memory we found significant. I chose to write about the first time I went to the theatre to see my Auntie in My Fair Lady at The Grand Theatre in Wolverhampton, a picture of which you can see above. Enjoy!

“I’m all dressed up, but I’m not sure why. Being told my Auntie was going to be in a show didn’t mean too much to me, after all I’m only six so what do I know? To be honest, I’d much rather be playing with my friends or pink wooden dolls house right now but no, I’m sat on a red velvet chair in a sea of people staring at an even redder, velvet curtain.

The most exciting part about this so far is that Nan has brought me sweets to munch on, I rarely get to eat this many sweets, Mom says they’re bad for me so this is a rare, delicious treat. It is only now, during my twenty-fourth Malteser that the heavy weight of the curtain is beginning to lift as the room suddenly gets darker and there it is, Victorian London.

It’s very odd. I’ve seen pretend things before on the TV and in films, but never like this. I can physically see the shapes of the houses in the background and the intricate costumes on the people who are beginning to move around the stage, it takes me so much by surprise that I almost drop Malteser number twenty-five.

Then it happens. They start singing. It’s strange to me to hear songs in this way, all the people are in time with one another and are even doing it in a funny accent. They all sound like the chimney sweep from Mary Poppins – I like it.

I think the story is about a common girl and a posh man who makes a bet to make her sound like him, but none of that really matters. The songs and dances are enough to ignite a love for this that I never realised I’d have, and I’m only saddened when I have to get up and out of my red velvet chair.”


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