“Old soul”

Being a young adult is always a stressful situation. Pretty much the same way being an old adult, teenager, child, or foetus is in the modern world.

It is therefore a struggle of mine that I do not fit the stereotypical mould that my age group has stuck to it – stuck to it I assume with beer, drugs and Facebook “likes”. I in fact love nothing more than staying in and watching Midsummer Murders on the days my friends are out watching people throw up on club floors through drunken eyes. Is it just me who doesn’t see the appeal?

Don’t get me wrong, I not completely boring (although I do try my best!) I do in fact enjoy the odd night out, I just don’t want to do it all the time and to me that’s ok. People my age tend to feel the need to keep up with one another in regards to clubbing and drinking but to me, you should only ever do what you personally enjoy and ignore the pressure of others – although we all know that’s never easy.

Whenever I see family after a term at uni I always get comments about how much I must go out because I’m a student, when in fact the busiest night I’ve had is trying to work out whodunit on Miss Marple.

I have however now come to the conclusion that all of this is fine. When I was a child I always acted older than I was so it only makes sense that as a 20-year-old I now act like a 70-year-old right? Please post confirmation of this to my new residency at an old folk’s home.


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