bowie collage

The king is dead. Or dead in a sense.

It strikes me as nothing less than amazing that in my eyes, and those belonging to so many others, this hurricane of culture will live on forever not only in the music he left behind, but the message.

Despite being born some 20 years after his legendary Top of the Pops performance of “Starman”, I can still feel the enormity of what he did and will continue to do through his memory. A man in make-up and tight costumes was seen as wrong and he was therefore seen as wrong. It was through his choice to ignore this and live his life the way he desired regardless, that makes him an inspiration.

The world we live in now is one of huge stereotype and one in which the internet has created no place to hide. It is therefore vital that someone carries the message that it is ok to be yourself. Something that is so simple yet so many of us forget to do and yet this marvellous man in the 60s decided to do just that, something I believe we can all learn from and honour his memory by doing so.

Rest in peace David Bowie, you may not have changed the world, but you changed so many people’s worlds and for that we thank you.

The stars look very different today.


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