Another Reason Why Adverts Make Me Sad

Sitting here in my student pit, it has suddenly dawned on me how many stupid adverts on TV are dedicated to make me feel super sh*t about myself.

It is not enough that social media not only opens, but projects violently a can of body issue worms right in your face, but we also have to see it every time we turn on the television.

These adverts are innocent enough of course, a piece of fitness equipment or new vitamin supplement, but nevertheless designed to make me question myself and decide I do in fact need to spend money on fancy orange drinks and yoga mats.

Kids TV is monitored to include no fast food adverts, so why should adult TV be any different? If this is as potentially damaging to me as a big mac is to a child, then surely adverts such as these should be monitored especially during stereotypically feminine programmes (currently watching the best of them all, The Real Housewives of anywhere that happens to be on).

In the meantime though, let’s just eat a load of chocolate to take our minds off it.


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