Missing You, Missing Me

As we go through life, we learn many valuable lessons. How to make the perfect cup of tea, boys being nasty to you means they fancy you, never drink tequila if you still want morals by the end of the night…but one of the most important lessons is how to cope with missing something.

It could be all manner of things you miss: the person you used to be, family members that have passed away, how easy your life used to be – but the hardest things to miss are the things that are still there.

I am now in my third year of living away from home. Now, it’s not a normal moving out situation, but one that means you go back and forth during holidays giving you just enough time to get used to one place then bam, it’s time to move back to the other one.

It is curious to me that it is now in my third university year that home sickness is really hitting me for the first time. Year 1 was all brand new and so I had no time to miss home. Year 2 saw me have a new house here at uni, causing distraction to what I left behind. But this year I’m at that same house, at the same uni, on the same course, with the same teachers – and it’s as though it’s suddenly dawned on me that I’d much rather be somewhere else.

Knowing the fact that I will soon be returning home for the foreseeable future in May is definitely a relief. But it made me think, what about the people who don’t have that luxury? The migrants working away, refugees forced to leave people behind, people who are not welcome at the place they call ‘home’?

It strikes me that we all have to use our human resilience and knowledge of what we’ve learnt through life to get us through situations like these. Everyone has cards they’ve been dealt and it’s up to them to cope with the situations they are in. Everything in life is a lesson, and we must all learn to pay good attention, we never know when we might need it.


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