How ‘The Martian’ Teaches us to Cope

If there’s one thing that’s always terrified me, it’s the thought of being absolutely alone. Being alone in my house is enough to freak me out which as a 20-year-old girl is quite pathetic to admit – but I think we’re all friends here now (*insert sickeningly cute smiley face here).

There is therefore no way that even a speck of my personality would fathom (or even welcome) the idea of going to space. Without even accounting for the aliens, floating around, bad food and possible death – being so isolated from the entire planet would cause a huge amount of panic, hysteria and general wailing about.

The Martian however seems different. To be alone in space looking back on the earth is one thing, but being alone on an entirely different planet is another. It suggested to me that being as though Earth would be so much out of sight let alone out of reach, that your ability to miss it would lapse slightly.

Don’t get me wrong, of course you’d want to come back to, you know, actually stay alive – but you would be so disconnected with what it was that you longed for that you would cease to long for it.

I have therefore deduced that I, Izzy Bates could go to mars and be ok. Of course the technology would have to advance slightly, and I might have to re-do GCSE Physics, but there would be a definite lull in my panicking.

It is always harder to miss what you don’t see. That is why in my opinion social media can be a bit of an ass, you constantly see your old friends, family who live away and everyone in between. Even if you delete them it’s still just too easy to search their names and torture yourself with the memories you shared.

So there it is, my philosophy on why The Martian teaches us about how not to miss something and how I’d happily go to mars (my brain works weirdly doesn’t it?) It is however worth noting that I would much rather be there WITH Matt Damon as opposed to completely alone – but a girl can only dream.

the martian

(Ridley Scott’s ‘The Martian’ – image from screenrant .com)


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