Book Review – The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

Blood, an underpass, a blue dress, a man with red hair and her ex-husbands new wife all form Rachel’s waving memory of what happened that night…

Paula Hawkins brings a whole new sinister meaning to the daydreams that possess us, when we’re idly plodding along our daily commute.

The Girl on the Train sees a seemingly emotionally broken, alcoholic, 30-something woman take it upon herself to solve a mystery, that she isn’t even sure is really there. She fantasises morning and night about the couple she sees on her daily trips into London, only to be taken aback by the sudden news that the female lead of these daydreams vanishes without a trace.

Now I understand that thrillers aren’t to everyone’s taste, but the thought provoking narrative and in parts, feminist connotations of this novel make it impossible to put down. We as the readers suddenly find ourselves rooting for an unlikely heroine, as she battles her way through her own clouded judgement to seek the truth, and redemption for herself simultaneously.

The solid creation of an over-weight, plain looking shell of a woman looking to piece together her memory and life, forms to make nothing short of a masterpiece of words and I would personally challenge anyone not to be gripped to every page.



It comes as no surprise that DreamWorks have snapped this gem up to make it into a film (set in New York rather than the original London – sobs) which I for one will be looking forward to until it’s rumoured 2016 release. The lead of Rachel will however be played by a Brit – Emily Blunt, so at least we can keep a bit of the books native setting in the on screen version – sort of!


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