Procrastination for the Nation

It seems that we find ourselves living in a pretty hectic section of the 4.5 billion years that the Earth has been floating around the sky. Everyone always has somewhere to go, someone to see, something to tweet and no time to spare in the spiritual prison that is the 21st century (lucky dinosaurs!).

I have therefore deduced with my extremely (un)scientific brain, that this is the main reason to blame for my constant lack of wanting to do anything. Now hear me out, it is always the case that we want what we can’t have isn’t it? We fancy the hot guy with the girlfriend, want a bucket of ice cream every night we’re on a diet and ALWAYS want to somehow wake up and magically look like Bo Derek walking out of the sea (Google it if you dare).

It is therefore apparent to me that the reason that I don’t want to do anything is not due entirely to my laziness, but down to the fact that I have so much on my mind that thinking about it or worse, doing something about it may cause my brain (and certainly my confidence) to implode.

With my 3rd year of university just beginning, my ever growing list of things to do will shortly be long enough to help Rapunzel pull her latest hero up her castle wall and save her a few split ends.

My plan is therefore to take time to stop. Stop watching, listening, tweeting and procrastinating and start actually DOING things. It was always the case in school where you’d want to burst into flames queuing up for an exam yet when you actually took your seat, a calmness would come over you and you’d start on getting that (wish I knew how unimportant it was at the time) Citizenship GCSE you desired oh so much.

The moral of my ramble is this: don’t allow yourself to get pulled into the rush of daily life. Take time every day to remember why it is you’re doing what you’re doing and just get it done! Organising your time and your days means that you’re organising your mind and letting go of stress. Don’t be afraid to start that big project or assignment, go at it full force and leave procrastination for the rest of the nation.


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