The Demons of Hollywood

Philip Seymour Hoffman was a well-respected, Academy Award winning actor. Known for films such as ‘Capote’ and ‘Along Came Polly’, his versatility was respected by audiences and the industry alike. It therefore shocked the world when on February 2nd this year, he was found dead in his New York apartment with a needle in his arm and surrounded by bags of heroin.  But he’s not the first Hollywood name to be struck down in such a way. Star of popular show ‘Glee’ Cory Monteith died at just 31 in July 2013, shocking his largely teenage fan base. He had recently completed a rehab programme yet relapsed and died of a ‘mixed drug toxicity’. In February 2012, long time drug abuser Whitney Houston overdosed in her own bathtub. Even stars of old famously died under similar circumstances, such as Judy Garland who died from an overdose of barbiturates.

So what is being done to help keep stars away from this morbid fate? Celebrities are constantly being splashed over magazines for entering rehabs but there is little guidance to prevent drugs from entering their lives in the first place. A popular American reality show has even been born through such a concept called, ‘Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew’. Stars appearing on this however are mainly ‘z listers’ and those wanting to re-start their careers.

We must ask the question of what could be done to prevent celebrities going down this path. Life in the lime light, glamorous parties and bags of cash means that celebrities are constantly surrounded by the temptation of drugs. It is now accepted that many indulge in them and if nothing is done, soon those looking up to them will be inclined to indulge in it too.


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