Put it away

With social media revolutionising connectivity with celebrities in recent years, teenage fans are now more than ever easily influenced by their idols. One of the main influences and easiest to mimic is the way that they dress. With often daily pictures posed on sights such as Instagram and Twitter, young audiences are regularly updated with the latest style of their favourite stars. So what happens when our favourite stars dress perhaps inappropriately? Kim Kardashian’s baby half-sister, Kendall Jenner recently shocked many by showing her nipples in the February Marc Jacobs catwalk. The 18 year old reality star and up and coming supermodel looked older than her years in a sheer top, openly exposing herself as she strutted her stuff. This photo was then shared by most members of her famous family including ‘momager’ Kris Jenner, all saying how proud they were of their little Kenny.


Kendall Jenner (18) from the Marc Jacobs 2014 fall show

But what happens when Kendall’s many young fans see this picture? Being only 18 herself and showing such confidence in showing off so much will entice other girls that they should be too. But Miss Jenner is not the only guilty party. Recently Rihanna stepped out at a post fashion show showing just as much as the Keeping up with the Kardashians star. Rihanna famously once told her fans via Instagram that she did not choose to be such an influence to young girls and so saw no need to be even a little more conservative. This however does not stop her from being such a huge part of many young fans lives and so outfits such as this are going to entice girls to mimic the same. Of course there are multiple celebrities out there seeking a reaction through their fashion choices (let’s not even mention Miley Cyrus…) but is it really ok when so many young eyes may be influenced by it?



Rihanna at a post fashion show party


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