A Child Star is Born

Little did the population of the earth know on March 1st 1994, that a star had been born. A star that is both loved and hated alike, yet whose name is known to many, and whose lifestyle is questioned by just about everybody. Yes, of course I am talking about Justin Bieber. After being discovered on YouTube at the tender age of 13, ‘Biebs’ has been a global phenomenon ever since. To be propelled straight into the limelight however may have had a negative effect on this baby faced singer. It was in 2013 that his tour bus was raider and narcotics and a stun gun were found. He was also arrested for vandalism in Brazil in the same year. To top it all off in 2014 he was arrested for driving under the influence and with an over 6 month expired driving licence. His post arrest drug test also showed marijuana in his system. To complete his crash and burn Bieber handed himself over to police in January this year for assaulting a limousine driver in 2013.


Justin Bieber’s famous smiling mug shot from earlier this year.

So who is to blame for this? His parents? His management? The media for making him feel invincible? Why is it that so many ‘child stars’ of today like nothing more than to involve themselves in any sort of public meltdown? The recent death of Shirley Temple in February this year, made me wonder why it is that baby faced child stars of late have evolved into such disasters waiting to happen. After her immense success in films such as ‘Bright Eyes’ and ‘Heidi’, Shirley Temple went on to have roles in television and even ran in politics. She also famously has a non-alcoholic drink named after her adding to her timeless, innocent image. Therefore it can be determined that it is the times that is making our child stars turn out this way. Undoubtedly some had meltdowns in earlier years but recently it has become inevitable that they will do. Miley Cyrus going from fresh faced to twerk monster is yet another example of this. Social networking and massive internet involvement in publicising themselves means that stars now lap up any attention they can get to help them sell records, films and themselves alike and are happy to rebel along the way. But where does it go next? How many more child stars are going to feel a duty to rebel and re-invent themselves in a teenage crisis fashion? After all, any publicity is good publicity.


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